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QuestBot is an interactive information kiosk. Designed for use in the Many Quest activity being developed for the Second Life International Best Practices in Education Conference


Various interactions are in development for the multiple QuestBots that will comprise the activity. Passerby are encouraged with a hover-text invitation to interact with the QuestBot. Each user who clicks the bot is registered as a participant in the activity. Once a participant, the user is then instructed in how to complete the activity.



Clicking on a bot registers the user.

Bot detects avatars, reacts (signals/invites) accordingly.

If the avatar chooses to participate, Dialog boxes prompt them to respond to (user generated) questions; the responses are uploaded to a database

Results can be viewed by the owner/user via web pages.

Users can modify the Dialog text by simply editing a notecard found in the object's Inventory.

Feature Requests

    (Here, feature requests are specific to each type of QuestBot; see Stations of Many Quest activity.

ChatBot series

Project participants

  • John (a.k.a Azwaldo Villota)
  • (You!)


Add elipsis at x second interval on change from dialog prompt questions to chat response.



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