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To Use Pollster:

Image 1

Image 1
  1. Create an instance of the Pollster set (Panels and Cubes objects)
    1. Rezz the Pollster object from your inventory. (Drag object to the ground.)
    2. Rezz the Pollster Cubes object from your inventory. (Drag object to the ground.)
  2. Orient Pollster objects toward the audience...
    1. Right-click on the Panels (larger) object, and select "Edit..." (The Build panel opens, and you should see the colored arrows displayed as in Image 1).
    2. Hold the Ctrl key to display the rotation tool (displayed as in Image 2), and drag the Blue circle to rotate the Panels to face the audience.
    3. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the Cubes object, placing the Red cube to the audience's left.
  3. Start the polling process...
    1. Click the base of the object to display the first prompt. (Base is the pointed stand.)
    2. Click the base of the object to RESET the cubes in preparation for the next prompt. Object is idle at this point, and does not respond to touch from audience.
    3. Click the Base of the object to display the next prompt.
    4. Continue the cycle of Prompt-RESET-Prompt


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