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Page history last edited by John 12 years, 4 months ago

To Modify Pollster Script:

Several changes can be made to customize the behavior of Pollster.

Caution: Be very careful when editing the Parent Script. Be sure that each line has the semi-colon at the end when you "Save" the script.

Begin by editing the Pollster Panels object*. In the Content tab of the Edit panel, double click on the "Pollster Parent Script" (as seen in this image). Then, follow the directions below the image for any modification you wish to make.

* If you are not familiar with how to do this, follow the steps on this page, then use the browser's back button to return to this page.

Change the Channel you use to Chat commands (item 1 in image)

  1. Change the number "1" in "ownerChannel = 1;" to any integer
  2. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Running" checkbox (item 6 in image)
  3. Click the "Save" button (item 5 in image)

(This is not necessary for security since Pollster will only listen to the owner - YOU - on "ownerChannel"; but, you may want to change it to a number you remember more easily, or if you are using other objects that listen to Channel 1)

Change the Channel used by Pollster to communicate between Panels and Cubes objects (item 2 in image)

  1. Change the number in "comm = 4444;" to any integer
  2. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Running" checkbox (item 6 in image)
  3. Click the "Save" button (item 5 in image)

NOTE: This same variable must be changed in the Cubes object for Pollster to work (just follow the same process to edit the Parent Script in the Cubes object).

Change the default color for the floating text seen over the Panels object (item 3 in image)

The color of the floating text can be changed to one of many colors just by Chatting "color" into the ownerChannel, and selecting a color from the options. This modification changes the color that is set automatically each time Pollster is rezzed.

  1. Change the vector* in "hoverTextColor = <0.3,1,1>;" to assign any color you prefer
  2. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Running" checkbox (item 6 in image)
  3. Click the "Save" button (item 5 in image)

A table of colors along with the numeric values that can be assigned, can be seen at this page. For example, using the table of colors at that page, the color named "aliceblue" could be assigned by changing the hoverTextColor vector to <240,248,255>.

* A vector is a sequence of three numeric values that - in this case - determine the color of an object, the values are separated by commas and enclosed in brackets.

Change the header that appears (as a demarcation) before each prompt (item 4 in image)

The header acts to signal the audience (in the Chat window) that a new prompt is being offered.

  1. Change the equals signs in " header1 = '============='; " to anything else
  2. Change the text in " header2 = ' - - - Next Item - - -'; " to anything else
  3. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Running" checkbox (item 6 in image)
  4. Click the "Save" button (item 5 in image)


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