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Thank you for the feedback!


"...there is a missing item in the Contents tab of the Pollster edit screen, specifically, that the Notecard Template Formatted blank is not present. I show only 3 items there (0PromptsDemo, Pollster Instructions and Pollster Parent Script), not four."

The Notecard Template (Formatted blank) notecard reference is now obsolete, took a different approach on supplying the demonstration notecard (see the 0Prompts Demo notecard. And, I will review the instructions to be sure that proper references are made. Nice Catch!

"...if the 4 colors were in a row with the bar chart thing attached to it it woujld help. also it's sometimes hard to read the text above so to know which question is up.."

yes, the audience must zoom in on the tool pretty closely to see the floating text, nothing can be done about that. This is one reason that the questions and options also appear in the chat window.


I have translated the script instructions of your Pollster Set into Finnish. Is that OK with you? I want to give the modified Pollster Set to my Finnish students. Rgds, Paivi Shippe




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