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Modification of the original Pollster polling tool; adding features to increase utility


The original Pollster has been released under a Creative Commons license, and can be found on display at the ICT Library (SLurl) in Second Life. If you are unable to find a display please contact me.


New Features

  • Object interacts with server-side script, which then connects with database, drawing text and options for polling from a specified "Choices" activity in Moodle.
  • Results of each polling item are then written to the Moodle database, results being available in the Moodle site.


  • Presenter has preview of prompt in HUD, able to scroll through prompts and select which prompt to display at any time.



Feature Requests


Add textures to panels to represent options, such as A B C D or Strongly Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree (replacing colors with textures of these).


Ability to select prompts out of order (pick which prompt gets displayed)


Ability to switch between response option configurations; offering five, six, up to ten answer options for each prompt.


Poll results sent to external script (which writes to database or XML file).








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