Pathlights turn on/off with the the region's sun cycle,

and can have a dramatic effect.  Notice that two

lights are not shining...these were set close together

to demonstrate how SL only six light sources are

rendered at one time by the viewer.



Lights that turn on and off automatically with the cycling of the sun, brightly illuminating your parcel.  This simple system can have a dramatic effect in the appearance of a landscape, or the setting around a home or office.


Owner has option for Pathlights respond only to owner or allow operation by any avatar. (Lock/Unlock)


Complete instructions provided in notecard (select "Help" from menu), along with support through this wiki.





  1. You should have received two versions of Pathlight.  Place the Pathlight Master in a location that you will easily remember. Only one Master should be used.
  2. Drag copies of Pathlight to any other positions around your parcel, adjusting the height of each Pathlight - if necessary - so that the round (white) light prim is hidden just below surface.  Note: placing lights too closely together can result in an odd effect, since the Second LifeĀ® viewer will only display six lights at one time.
  3. Once all Pathlights are in place, touch the Pathlight Master and select Reset.  Pathlights communicate on a randomized channel; this step establishes the communication between all Pathlights in your parcel.  This step is necessary any time new Pathlights are rezzed from Inventory.
  4. Touch the Pathlight Master and review options.


Reset = Establish communication between all lights; Restore all lights to normal day/night cycle.

Lights On/Off = Toggle all lights; two hour override of day/night cycling.

Lock/Unlock = Allow guests to turn Pathlights on and off; or not.

Stay On/Off = Toggle all lights; override of day/night cycling until Reset.

Report/No Report! = Receive status messages from Pathlight; allows confirmation of system on parcel.

Help = Receive Instructions notecard.




After first installing Pathlights in your corner of the grid, you can select to receive notification about the time of day and direction of the sun; that way you can know when to return to your parcel to observe the change. This feature is quite spammy, so you will likely want to disable this report feature soon after; to do this, just say "noreport" on the remote channel (default: 22)


A Second Life day is 4 Earth hours long. 0:00 is midnight and 2:00 is high noon. Sunrise is at approximately 0:30 and sunset around 3:30, which results in 3 hours of daylight and only 1 hour of night-time. Refer to the chart at this page for PST, PDT and GMT times. There is no guarantee this data is accurate.




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