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ParcelMediaLinkGenerator is an interactive object that gives lets users open a web page's links in their browser



Users see a web page (Parcel Media Web Content) displayed on a large prim. On touch, the display prim offers the user options to see links in chat (where they can be stored in chat log), or rez small link prims. Link prims, when touched, offer user

User touches link prim, chooses web or display




Owner operates update feature

Link prims are temporary, no affect in parcel prim allotment

Display automatically resets to parcel media URL after a brief time (default: 7 min)

Parcel Media URL is included as link prim "0" to allow manual reset of page display



Feature Requests

Scrape links in followed pages...yeah, right


Project participants

  • John (a.k.a Azwaldo Villota)
  • (You!)



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