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Mentor's content set for iDP


Most-recommended locations in SL

  The list of locations here, along with the accompanying notecards, will serve as a basic content set for use with the Interactive Display Panel.


Locations (based on feedback from two mentors, so far)  


  1. Orientation Island Public 3 images in prototype
  2. Help Island Public 1 image in prototype
  3. Orientation Stations 1 images in prototype
  4. The Ivory Tower of Prims Self-guided, self-paced building tutorial
  5. Jopsy's Particle Laboratory


Possible Locations:


New Citizens Inc: A great place that gives classes, has a huge collection of freebie items of all kinds, has changing rooms so residents can dress in private, and allows new residents to set a home location in the park attached to the plaza.


The Shelter: a PG hangout where newbies can meet, chat, dance, get a nice variety of freebies, play games that pay $L as prizes, visit a money tree, and ask questions of knowledgeable volunteers.


ICT Library Scripts, educational tools, many freebies


The Gnubie Store Free Dove (sugg by Skye Galileo, Second Life Mentor)


The Garden (in State of Mind) (sugg by Skye Galileo, Second Life Mentor)


Public Sandbox


Help People! Institute

Kitty, who might I contact in HPI once I have tested this object...offer a few to pass among helpers to try out ?

Kitty Kozlov: Mishka Butuzova or Notfragile Gausman



Other Image Sets on the burner


Angelyka's Favorites

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