Many Quest


An activity by which many participants contribute to a group "think". Participants visit a number of stations where information is exchanged in various ways. The result is a collaborative body of information [SL locations, SLURLs, descriptions, websites (favorite blog?), etc.] that is then made available to the participants.

See QuestHUD

No-write Notecards: Since LSL does not have facility for writing to notecards, how do we pass char info?

  1. User wears QuestHUD
  2. On detecting presence of <avatar>, QuestBot signals <remote channel> for HUD to provide key
  3. QuestHUD sends key, along with ownerID (and quest content?)
  4. QuestBot gives QuestHUD a QuestToken (scripted widget that pings server for content on rez
  5. User commands HUD (touch) to report content availability; QuestHUD evaluates Inventory, finds all tokens, prompts user with menu (derived from token names)
  6. opts to rezz token(s)
  7. Token - on rez (temp object) - writes content to Chat, displays content as floating text,




Possible destinations


  1. Introduction/Registration - This bot - taller than all others, with slight enhancement of appearance - is placed near the entry point for the conference. User receives initial notecard with a formatted outline for completion, a brief description of the Many Quest, and some basic instructions for completing the first task.
  2. Station A - Participant Notecard Starter - User is instructed to create a notecard ("QuestCard") and place it in a memorable place in their Inventory, naming the card using the formula "Quest: Firstname Lastname" using their own SL avatar name. User will set permissions to allow next owner to copy/modify.
  3. Station B - QuestCard Item - Here will be the first of several stations at which the user supplies specific information as requested by the bot (favorite sim, favorite mall, best education sim, etc.)
  4. Station C - Mision: visit __ sim and bring/report back _____(LM in notecard)
  5. Station D - Notecard Exchange - What are two weblogs (or websites) related to SL education that you would recommend to another educator? (instruct to open browser, copy/paste URL to line x of QuestCard)
  6. Station E - Mision: visit __SL Historical Museum (LM in notecard) and bring/report back _____

  7. Station F - Checklist (survey)
  8. SL Themed Riddle?
  9. Field Trip**: Ivory Tower or Jopsy's Particle Laboratory (bring back information)
  10. Final Station - At which the user is invited to add their e-mail address to the last line of the notecard (if he/she wishes to receive the final summary report of the event via e-mail); user could also be given a last notecard which contains the URL for a website where the summary report could be posted (Zana, are you working the wiki??). Finally, the user submits the QuestCard by dragging it from Inventory to the final QuestBot.

Desired Features


Project participants




The opportunity to create an interactive experience for the Best Practices conference led to the design of a mini-quest; a series of brief activities that deliver AND solicit content of an educational nature. Collaboration can become a significant aspect of any social media, and SL is certainly a social medium. Here, many individuals might contribute to a group list of some particular theme (favorite SL sims, best ed sites, best shopping malls, etc.).


First demonstration

A single bot was placed in a high traffic location, at the entry point for the conference. Immediately, there were problems with the script. Interactions were glitchy for several hours; most who tried the bots walked away from a broken script. Constant chat from non-users, as well as the engaged user's chat (directed at other avatars, not at object; so, disruptive to script) revealed gaps in the filtering of noise by the script. Patching these gaps led to a working bot, but much of the day had passed; so, by end of conference only 25 users had successfully completed the first station.

Well into the event, it became obvious that data had been lost; at least the names of the users could be logged so that invitations could be made later for them to see a working demonstration; the PHP script was modified to write to an additional text file...15 names were captured.


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Your contributions here are strongly encouraged. Only through collaboration will this project achieve maximum value.

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