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The iDP-Voyager (a.k.a. iDP-Educator)is a redesign of the iDP, adding new features due to changes in LSL, and  based on feedback from Daniel Voyager (a SL Mentor).  


The design of this object has been completed, and copies are available at this XstreetSL page.



Drag a copy of the panel onto the ground nearby, and the panel rotates to face the owner.  Images of SL locations are displayed, advancing automatically by default. When any particular image is displayed, a Second Life user can click on the panel to receive a notecard with information about the SL location depicted in the image, along with a landmark or two. Combining the self-serve delivery of notecards with particular images allows an instructor (or Mentor) to provide a selection of content to users.


Notecards and images can be prepared by the panel's owner.  Once a basic content set is developed, that version will be made available.  Each notecard should contain information that is specific to the location seen in the image, and be named similarly to the image(s) it accompanies.  Work has begun on an Educators Content Set, also.



  • Panel rotates to face the owner automatically on resolution (on rez)
  • Panel can be rotated, raised, lowered, by clicking on the edges
  • Images can be shown one by one, or as a slide show, as controlled by the owner
  • Image displays on front and rear side of panel
  • Images are pre-cached (resolve quickly, less gray delay)
  • A notecard can be accompanied by several images*
  • Notecards are offered to any avatar that clicks on a picture
  • Controls offered in menu on owner's touch
  • Chat commands available
  • Variables in script allow for user to customize some features as "preferences" (see "Preference settings" section, below)
  • "Purge" command allows easy deletion of all images and location-specific notecards from the object.  Since this action has such drastic effect, it has been made available by chat command only, preventing the accidental click of a button in the menu. 
  • Testing mode: Allows an owner to act as a guest (non-owner) to ensure that notecards are delivered correctly.  This property can be turned on with the menu, and turned off by using a chat command. 


* Notecards must be named similarly to image items they accompany.  Example

first image name:          Help Island (Public) 1

second image name:     Help Island (Public) 2

notecard name:             Help Island (Public)

Assigning the notecard name is more important, because that will appear in the user's Inventory.


Images should have an aspect ration of 4:3 (such as 400 pixels wide, 300 pixels tall)


DISCLAIMER: The manufacturer makes no claims to greater ease than simply DRAGGING TEXTURES/SNAPSHOTS ONTO A PRIM. 

Results depend on the regular care and feeding of this object.  

Mileage may vary.


Preference settings:

These variables can be set by modifying the script. 

To configure a panel to your preferences, rez a copy of the panel and edit the script, changing the variables as explained; then, save the script and take the modified panel back into Inventory.  Delete the original, or rename one of your panels.



Determines whether panel rezzes with auto-advance (slideshow mode) enabled



The time between images in slideshow



Panel displays image name as floating text



Color assigned for the floating text display


* These properties can also be changed from Options menu while panel is in use.



Detailed instructions are provided with the panel in a notecard.  A copy of that notecard is offered when user selects "Help" from menu. The Interactive Display Panel Instructions notecard can also be viewed at this page.




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Delete Button Left 0.925
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Left Arrow Rightmost 0.146
Left Arrow Topmost 0.80
Right Arrow Leftmost 0.854


iDP Simple - modified to simplest slideshow functions; for use in OpenSim



Project participants




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