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Project name: Anqi ("Wuxia secret weapon" - from Uncovering Wuxia Jargon)


HUD == Heads-Up Display

The Jianghu HUD is proposed as an interactive heads-up display for use support of foreign language instruction in Second Life. Users interact with the object, and - through it - interact with the space being visited.




HUD design from a learner's perspective


An interactive, heads-up display should be

  1. lightweight (compact and portable), yet robust
  2. easy to use, yet multipurposed
  3. pedagogically appropriate, yet engaging
  4. thorough and complete, yet extensible



Basic object interactions, from a programming perspective:

HUD responds when:

  • user clicks on an object in world (original GCCAz version, Calisto's HUD)
  • user clicks HUD (think of other HUDs you have)
  • user enters word in public chat
  • nearby avatar enters word in public chat
  • teacher issues command via chat (remote channel), OR via a Master HUD* (synchronous application)
  • object issues command (synchronous OR asynchronous)


What could a Teacher's HUD be used for?

(What if - during the Tea House role play lesson format - the waiter/waitress had a HUD?)


Also: along with playing sounds for its owner, a HUD can...

  • communicate with objects, avatars, even other HUDs;
  • write text to Public Chat window
  • write text privately to owner in Chat window
  • display floating text (as in Calisto's HUD)
  • display an image (texture)





(List of existing behaviors and/or options goes here)


Feature Requests

(Features Wishlist)


Project participants

  • John (a.k.a Azwaldo Villota)
  • (You!)










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