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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

Hey hey,


If you have registered with pbwiki.com, and you have logged in to this particular wiki (widgets), then you will see the "Edit page" button above. If you do not see that button, then please follow the instructions in the email i sent to register, and login. If you do see the "Edit page" button above...


Click it. The "Edit Page" button above opens the editor.


Notice that - up to this point - this page has no markup at all little markup.


  • No italics
  • no boldface fonts
  • no __underline__


...no bullets, nothing.



(that is a heading) ...notice that while in "editing" mode (see the title above?) there is a link panel on the right over there -->

that has a link named "Style Help"

There, you can see all the markup available with this wiki engine.


Try it...


Use the "B" "I" and "U" button above right (in edit mode) to add markup. Use the "Preview" button below (in edit mode) to see what the page will look like if saved.


Then go to the Style Help page (in edit mode) and find out how to create a new page, and how to make a wiki link. This is fundamental. No linking, no wiki. You'll want to be able to make new pages.


You might even create a pbwiki for your students.


When done on this page, just click "Home" above, or use the links elsewhere on the page.

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