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Avatar Bump Detector

Objective: Provide a mechanism to report the names of avatars that have collided with the instructor. Designed in response to a comment in this RezEd.org forum.>



User wears an attachment with the script(below), bumps or gets bumped, then clicks the attachment to send a list of avatar names to a specified email address.



  • Object is worn as a HUD
  • Send option - sends all bumped avatar names to wearer via email
  • Reset option clears names and starts the "BumpLog" anew
  • Show List option - displays running list of bumped avatars as HUD floating text
  • Chat Bump option - writes each bump to Chat console
  • Chat List option - writes current list to Chat console
  • Color selection of floating text (allows suitable contrast with various backgrounds, lighting)
  • Reward option - on bump, offers the bumper an item (object, notecard, landmark, clothing; as suggested by Paribus Habilis in the RezEd forum)


Operating the HUD

(Until final script is posted, please contact me in SL for a copy).

  1. Insert your email address (two ways to do this); Rez HUD on ground and...
    1. Edit script, inserting email address as directed there; or,
    2. Place email address in Description field
  2. To give a reward* object on bump:
    1. add a copy of the reward object with full permissions to the HUD, and
    2. insert the reward object's name into the script
  3. Take HUD back into Inventory
  4. Right-click HUD in Inventory and select "Wear" [Another location can be assigned by right-clicking HUD in viewer and selecting "Edit..."; then using handles to position HUD in suitable location in viewer.]
  5. Click the HUD, a menu should open. (You can choose to have names written to chat, hide the floating text, even change the color of the floating text.)
  6. Bump into other avatars; their names should then be listed above the HUD, and/or chatted, depending on your selections in menu. (By default, names are displayed above HUD but not reported in Chat.)
  7. Click HUD again, and select "Send" to have avatar names sent to you via email. List is cleared following this action (readied for another round).

* Consider using a notecard for the reward, since a notecard can contain a Landmark, Textures, and Objects. You can offer a congratulatory message, along with several items.


Simple Version

The script for a simple version is available via this link: AvatarBumpDetectorLSL.html

  1. Create a New Script in an attachment you can modify (or a new object that can serve as an attachment; a small plywood cube worn as a HUD will do)
  2. Copy (all) text from the page linked above
  3. Paste text into New Script
  4. Modify the email address in the script (at the top)
  5. Save script
  6. Wear the attachment


Feature Requests

(contact Azwaldo Villota in SL)

Project participants

  • Azwaldo Villota
  • LaPiscean Liberty
  • You! (Contact Azwaldo in world)


globalkids Bixby

Willow Shenlin

Paribus Habilis


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