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Decka's students might benefit from an album displaying SL avatars with RL names. RL classmates, her students have a somewhat unique challenge in being familiar with the RL person, while unable to recognize their SL avatar in the grid. Students submit snapshots of themselves, and these are added to the album (class album's "priveleges" available to class members only). Each student receives a copy of the Album.

This model will serve as a tool for members of a group - such as a class - who wish to have an image reference for group members.


The panel can be kept in inventory until needed, at which time the owner simply pulls it onto the grid near their own avatar. Images of other avatars, or imported RL photographs, are displayed. When any particular image is displayed, a Second Life user can click on the panel to receive a notecard with information about the SL location depicted in the image, along with a landmark or two. Combining the self-serve delivery of notecards with particular images allows an instructor (or Mentor) to provide a selection of content to users.


  • Album rotates to face the owner automatically on resolution (on rez)
  • Album notifies owner of listening channel on rezz
  • Images can be shown one by one, or as a slide show, as controlled by the owner
  • Panel can be rotated, raised and lowered, by clicking on the panel frame
  • Chat commands control some behaviors, with a help command that lists all commands
  • Variables in script allow for user to customize some features (such as listening channel, height off ground on rezz)
  • Ability to purge and reload new images into the viewer
  • Create as HUD (Poinky's permissions giving script)
  • Display name/avatar-name over panel with each image (hover text)

Requested Features

  • On-click opening of URL (blog or site for user in image)
  • Dialog prompt for image selection by name
  • six options per dialog panel with "next" btn as last option
  • Display images as selected by name (index number)
  • Search by Name, Avatar Name, or any part thereof
  • Album follows owner

(Lindy, this list can be prioritized in order of most-desired features; just juggle the lines in edit mode and replace the asterisk with the "#" symbol)


  • Images must be edited to 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Images as textures must be named according to formula, for text display script to fxn

Project participants

  1. John (Azwaldo Villota)
  2. Lindy (aka Decka Mah)

Project Log

Modification of the iDP ...


As suggested by Decka Mah, this model uses the viewer as a class album to provide participants with a registry of classmates, so that students can learn to recognize each other.

Other Models

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Teaching tool


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